Who We Are

ith an official population of only 283, Fayetteville is not just a "wide place in the road" like so many towns that have been bypassed by interstate highways and abandoned by natives who seek their fortunes in the big city.  No, Fayetteville is very much alive, thank you; it just proceeds at a more leisurely pace than the rest of us.  And it dishes up some delicious surprises for the lucky tourist who finds it.

Once a center of commerce for cotton growers, cattlemen and egg farmers, the town was also a stage coach station on the Old San Felipe Trail.  By 1830, German immigrants had discovered the rolling hill country and established family farms nearby.  Later, the Czechs and Moravians arrived to put their roots down too.  That bit of history accounts for the surprised look on the faces of first-time visitors who, instead of the expected southern drawl, encounter rich European accents handed down by the Czech and German speaking forebears.  Religion and strong family values mark the local culture.

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